All orders over $50 ship free! $5 flat rate for anything under!

In Store Consigners

How to Consign- Quick Overview

What should I bring in?

  • Items in the correct season
    • ​​Spring -- February 
    • Summer-- May 
    • Fall-- August
    • Winter-- November
    • Jeans, hoodies, dresses, formals, dress shoes, and all accessories are accepted year round.
  • Nothing older than two years
  • Our customers want designer, boutique, and popular mall items
    • ​​No items from WalMart, K-Mart, Meijer, etc.​​

Do I need an appointment to consign?

  • No appointment is needed. As long as we're open we are accepting items!
  • If you don't have an account be sure to allow yourself time to fill out a quick contract, or you can print it out and get it ready ahead of time too! Click here to get a copy of the contract.

I dropped my items off, now what?

  • Items will be consigned for 60 days from the day the item is priced.
  • After the 60-day consignment period there is a 7 day grace period to make arrangements to pick up any unsold items, unless you would like to donate them. Typically the donated items go to various charities. After 67 days, unclaimed items become store property.
  • When an item sells, you will receive 50% of the selling price less any applicable fees within your 67 day window.

How do I know if anything has sold?

  • We do not call to notify consigners of sold merchandise. As a consigner, you will want to check up on your account to see if you have a balance.
  • Balances can be used as store credit or be paid out. Any balances over $100 will be mailed a check upon request. 

Can someone else pick my money up for me?

  • If you are not able to get in to pick up your earnings, we will need your permission ahead of time to allow someone else to sign money out of your account or use it as store credit. The person picking up your money will need to show I.D.

Can I request that my items be put online?

  • Yes, but please note that items for sale on our online shop will not be put out in our brick and mortar stores. Ask a sales associate for more information at the time of drop off or use our Contact Us form.